The Right Trim for Your Kirby Home Makes All the Difference

Molding is the icing on the cake. It is the cherry on top. It’s what gives most kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms the often unexplained wow factor. Molding & Trim along your cabinets, your wall base or ceiling and along your doorways can instantly transform a room giving it style, character, and elegance. A room or set of cabinets often feel incomplete and naked without molding & trim.

Imagine then how a room would feel with the wrong trim. Just as paint, carpeting, furniture, wall décor, and many other elements are essential in creating the right motif for your room or cabinets, installing the perfect crown molding & trim can give your Kirby home that added touch. Here are some things to consider as you consult with your Top Quality Cabinet Provider.

First choose the height and thickness of your baseboards or molding. Most baseboards are somewhere between three to four inches. If you really want your baseboards to stand out, then choose a six or eight mold.

Next, what is your style? Are you going for a modern look, a vintage look, plain or elegant? For example, chair rails – often seen in dining rooms – are usually decorative and custom carved to provide a regal look and compliment your chair, tables, and china cabinets. They also act as a protection for your wall. For a regal and elegant vibe, we can provide custom crown molding and corner rounds. This can also be accented by adding molding along your ceiling and door casings.

The type of wood you use often makes a statement. Real wood adds instant quality and value to your home. Popular types of wood moldings are Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Pine and Mesquite as well as imported and exotic wood types.

And last but certainly not least is the color. If you’re working with a white base molding, and not going the wood route, then color coordination is paramount. Color often sets the tone and mood of your room, and color combinations will either impress your guests or lose them.


Smart homeowners are interested in seeing what a finished molding project will look for their room or cabinets before it’s ever launched. When you consult with Top Quality, we talk strategy, design, and style as you cast your vision for your project. It comes alive before your eyes with our A-Z assistance. We show you the actual set of drawings and also the 3D virtual image of your home project in order to eliminate guess work. You’ll be thrilled to see what your new cabinets or molding will look like before we ever drive the first nail.

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