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San Antonio is located between South and Central Texas. It is the seventh most populated city in the United States and the second most populated in the state of Texas, as well as other Southern states. This area was founded in 1718 and its first civil settlement was in 1731, making it the state’s oldest municipality. Over the years, and especially after the Civil War, San Antonio began changing and developing. Railroads were built in the area, connecting many port cities including Dallas and Fort Worth. In the beginning of the 20th century, streets were widened to accommodate cars and traffic. The population grew from about 650,000 in 1970 to around 1.493 million presently. 

Complete Your Kitchen Remodeling With Our Help!

With a history dating back so far ago, houses in the area may be old and outdated. That’s where Top Quality Cabinets comes in. We offer a variety of services to refresh your home and make it more modern looking. Cabinets get used so much that they end up getting banged up and out of shape. You would be surprised how custom cabinets can really transform the look and feel of your kitchen. 

If you are considering cabinet remodeling for your kitchen remodel project, let us help. We can help you install and replace cabinets, as well as install cabinet knobs and decorative molding that will really make the space feel finished. We can help you design your kitchen remodeling project and pick out the best cabinets that will work for your space. From wine and spice racks, to glass cabinets and more, let us get started on your project today! Contact our team! 

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