Pricing Info - Top Quality Cabinets

Pricing linear foot cabinetry has a lot of factors involved.  This also happens to be one of the most popular questions provided to us so I want to provide as much preliminary information regarding this part of the project as I can. 

Everything obviously starts with the customer’s budget, which is known by the customer.  As the San Antonio custom cabinet builder and business man, it is my part to price our cabinets appropriately and in such a way that allows us to remain in business for years to come.

To stay in business, we obviously have your typical business expenses such as overhead, labor and materials along with some other related expenses such as marketing, applicable insurance, etc…  And then a healthy business should be able to turn a reasonable business profit in the process of doing business. 

So with these things in mind, it is my main goal, to price our cabinets with a fair market value for the product that we provide.  I do believe that we provide a very positive value for the cost of what we provide.  I believe this to be true because of the level of quality and craftsmanship placed into each and every job we complete.  And in my personal opinion, we do offer very competitive pricing but remain fair.

We include a clear coat lacquer finish and we recommend going with a natural finish to keep cost down some.  When stain or paint applications are not required the labor costs are less.  I typically recommend that my customer choose a wood that possesses the natural beauty that they might find desirable.

As an example, if a customer prefers a dark rustic look, then Walnut is a good option.  If a customer likes a lighter colored wood with mild grain then Maple, Alder or Ash tends to look nice.  Some customers may prefer a “reddish” colored wood with a mild wood grain pattern and thus Cherry becomes a good option.  A customer who may prefer a Java finish might find a Jabota (known by some as Brazilian Cherry) to be a nice choice.  No matter what the situation is I would be more than happy to help guide you, as my potential customer, through the process of choosing a potential wood species. 

Of course many customers I have worked with desire a painted finish, such as antique white with a glazed finish.  We can provide this finish competently while achieving very good results.  I can discuss in more detail the process by which we achieve this and also the related cost incurred. 

The desired finishes of your cabinets tend to have the most impact upon the price of the overall project so careful attention is recommended.  Just keep in mind that a natural finish with a clear coat will be the most economical and does allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine! 

We have a basic cabinet that includes a lot of features that other cabinet makers might consider upgrades or chargeable features such as:

  • Free detailed bid proposals,
  • Free design assistance
  • Free 3D renditions provided to scale
  • ¾” all wood UV coated plywood construction
  • full extension / over-travel 100 lb ball bearing drawer glides
  • Soft close doors
  • Crown molding
  • Finished panels on visible cabinet ends
  • Finished corners on visible cabinet corners
  • Various trim options such as under-side moldings on upper cabinets
  • 100 year dovetail drawers for both strength and beauty
  • Natural clear finish
  • Clear glass panels
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Customizable features such as cabinet heights varied


Upgrades are available at a minimum cost:

  • Under-mount soft close drawer glides
  • Pull out tray system for base and tall cabinets
  • Pull out spice rack
  • Lazy Suzan accessories
  • Blind base accessories
  • Decorative glass panels
  • Waste and recycling pull out container with soft close feature
  • Wine racks
  • Stemware racks
  • Stain and paint finishes are additional (a natural clear coat finish is included)
  • Custom range hoods
  • Feature lighting
  • Drawer and door pulls/knobs
  • Appliance lifts
  • Upward opening door system


In order to ensure accuracy we prefer to perform a detailed and well outlined bid for every job in order to provide a fair bid based on accurate calculations.


If you are looking for a Corpus Christi custom cabinet builder and cabinet installer then please call 210-274-8185 or complete our online request form.