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Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX
Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX
Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX
Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX
Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio, TX
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This Kitchen Remodel article is not to be a full DIY instructional as much as an inspirational article that will allow me to touch on minor details of the overall process. As with anything we do in construction or kitchen remodeling extensive research is recommended. 

While Kitchen remodeling can be quite an undertaking for most average home owners, it should not be avoided as an impossible project for the average home owner. A strong team of quality tradesman can make what seems to be a tall mountain into simply a mole hill to conquer. Sure a project can go bad when attention to details are missed and / or corners are cut, however good focus on details and quality tradesman can make your future Kitchen remodel a true success on your way to your Dream Kitchen.
The primary trades to consider for a Kitchen remodel will be a Cabinet Maker / Cabinet Shop, electrician, plumber, flooring contractor / tile setter and Counter tops contractor. Occasionally a drywall contractor and paint contractor will be required. Painting is a skill that could be contracted out and in some instances might be handled by the owner.
The largest player in this project, and likely one of the biggest expenses will be the Cabinet maker / Cabinet shop. As a cabinet shop owner, I can tell you there are numerous details when it comes to the cabinets themselves, thus a professional and very knowledgeable cabinet contractor is highly recommended for a successful project. A good cabinet contractor will be able to assist with the CAD design of your future Dream Kitchen while providing 3D renditions. A good cabinet maker will be organized and will be able to provide a very high quality project while paying attention of all of the details.

A licensed Electrician is needed for minor work in kitchen remodels. Occasionally a receptacle might need moved, or cabinet lighting may be desired, or receptacles may be added to a kitchen island. In some cases circuits may need to be traced. In most cases the electrical work on a Kitchen Remodel is fairly minor but it is recommended that a licensed electrician is hired.

A licensed plumber will be useful when making plumbing connections for your sink, your dishwasher, the water line to your refrigerator’s icemaker, maybe a water line to your small appliance ice maker or maybe plumbing fixtures will be relocated. There are actually a number of different tasks a plumber may be required on but most of those tasks are minor. However minor the task it is again recommended that a licensed Plumber is hired.  

In some cases flooring will remain the same in a Kitchen Remodel, however when new flooring is desired the owner will need to hire a flooring contractor. These contractors can be as simple as a 1 man tile setter crew or a larger company that run install crews. Flooring contractors, like any other trade, will have some great and some not so great tradesman. Referrals or a review / referral site may help assist in finding a quality flooring contractor. Flooring contractors will be best to speak to in detail about options, however primary options will be a simple ceramic tile, travertine tile, a wood grained ceramic tile or stained concrete. In some cases owners have used wood floors however in a potentially wet space wood floors may not be ideal.

A good counter top contractor will be able to provide quality fabrication and installation along with extensive knowledge about the different product options available to owners. While 3CM Granite seems to be what is used on most projects, other options exist such as Quartz, Silestone and Corian to just name a few. Many times a counter top contractor will also be able to assist with installing the backsplash for the customer. And in some cases a counter top shop may have a tile setter on their crew and could possibly take on the flooring tasks related to the kitchen remodel. And in many Granite shops, the shop will offer assistance in selecting the proper sink unless the owner has already chosen their perfect sink. In any case, the Granite shop will definitely need any and all information regarding the chosen sink as the chosen counter tops will need to be cut to match the kitchen sink.     

If walls are in rough condition a drywall contractor will be required. Along with the drywall contractor a paint contractor may be required to re paint the new walls. Considering that in most homes the cabinets and custom backsplash will cover upwards to 96” of the wall, very little drywall will be even visible except for on the ceiling. There are still times when drywall and paint contractors are required.

As to choosing the right tradesman for your project, honesty, dependability and quality of workmanship are good traits to look for. Referrals from friends and family are good, as are referrals from quality tradesman. There are also various review and referral sites online that can give an owner quality leads when assembling a team for a Kitchen Remodel.

If a Kitchen Remodel is in your future and you wish to learn more about the overall process, please feel free to contact our shop as we can get you started in the right direction.

Written by:
Jerry Nettrour
Owner of Top Quality Cabinets

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