High End Custom Options In Bathroom Vanities For San Antonio Luxury Homes

If you’re looking for the best in Hand-Crafted Cabinets that meet your high end custom bathroom vanities for your San Antonio luxury home, you’ll find what you’re looking for in exclusive cabinetry by Top Quality Cabinets.

Top Quality Cabinets can meet your luxury home needs when it comes to beautiful bathroom vanities that are custom made to suit you and your quality tastes. The bathroom vanity is one area of the bathroom you don’t want to blend in, so it’s important to ensure your options in vanities are unique and noteworthy.


Just because you’re looking for something quality made and unique for your luxury home doesn’t mean you’re not looking for competitively priced custom options. With custom vanities and other custom cabinetry at Top Quality Cabinets, you have both and more.

When you’re planning out your bathroom remodeling, you’ll want to consider several things including the type of vanities that will suit the space. There are things to keep in mind and decisions you’ll need to make. Here are some suggestions that you’ll need to take into account:

Vanity Style & Materials
The styles and types of materials available for custom vanities can vary. Options in woods, stains, and even painted finishes can make a difference in the design style you’re wanting. When designing and ordering the vanity for your luxury bathroom, remember to consider the matching mirror options to have a completed design.

Full cabinet vanities give you the drawer options that offer you different drawer depths, organization options, and pull-out custom solutions for easy access.

Spa-like vanities are made to look like fine furniture pieces. With options in open shelving, basket storage, furniture style legs, and multiple drawers, you have a design that fits perfectly with your custom needs.

Vanity Countertop Options
High end marble and granite are still a wonderful vanity countertop option for luxury homes. Special honed edges are created to give uniquely customized looks. When deciding upon and ordering your vanities, be sure you’re already deciding upon your vanity countertops as well because you’ll need to know they go well together before you make that final decision.

Sink, Fixture & Hardware Options
Basically, when designing for your bathroom, the vanity is going to be designed with the vanity itself which is the cabinetry, but will also include the countertop, sink, and hardware or fixtures. There are many contemporary, beautiful sink designs that go great with custom vanities.


You’ll always find beautiful hand-made quality built custom bathroom vanities at Top Quality Cabinets. As the best cabinetry in the San Antonio area, our passion for all things wood shows in our perfection and attention to detail. Giving you the highest quality options for your luxury home, you’ll soon want this Christian owned and operated company for all your home’s customized cabinetry needs.

If you are looking for a San Antonio custom cabinet builder and cabinet installer then please call 210-739-0646 or complete our online request form. 

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