FAQ's - Top Quality Cabinets

1. How do I get an estimate or find out your pricing?

Send us an email at jerrynettour@gmail.com or call Jerry @ 210-274-8185 and we can discuss your custom needs and work with you regarding an estimate and pricing. Our pricing is fair, we do not assess unnecessary charges to the bill.

2. Do you gaurantee your work?

We like to suggest our custom built product should last 200 years or your lifetime, whichever comes first. We offer support for our products and we warranty any repairs that occurs under normal usage while under normal care of our product. Meaning we cannot warrant repairs caused by abuse or neglect or abnormal use. All hardware items such as pulls, hinges and drawer glides will follow normal manufacturers warranty.

3. Where are you located and what areas do you cover?

We are located just south of Floresville in Poth, Texas, approximately 30 minutes south of San Antonio. We will cover San Antonio and all surrounding areas within a reasonable 40 minute commute to San Antonio.

4. How do we decide on a design or style?

Let me preface this with the statement that I have not been formally trained in structural or decorative design. With much experience I can help guide you through the design of furniture or the various styles and layout design of kitchen cabinets. A designer can also be hired to assist in this area if this is the wish of the customer. Many of my customers have reviewed cabinet design magazines with myself during the design process. Many contemporary designs and features can be found in design magazines and incorporated into any project.

5. How much do you charge for your estimates?

Our estimates are free. In order to offer free estimates we attempt to complete most of our preliminary estimating via communications over the phone and via email through the exchanges of unofficial design documents that discloses the project in question in as much detail that is possible. There are times when a face to face meeting is neccessary in order to ensure everyone is on the same page for an accurate estimate to be completed.

6. What species of wood do you offer with your projects?

We can build with just about any domestic or import wood species. We are able to obtain just about any wood species in the world. My personal preference leans towards Walnut, though I also enjoy Hickory and Cherry. Maple and walnut are very pretty when used together in the natural within one project as contrasting color tones.

7. What are the most affordable hardwoods we can use?

Our base price includes wood species to include: 

  • Walnut:  Absolutely stunning wood with a lot of natural charactor and beauty.  Has a lot of dark "brownish" tones with some mixture of lighter colors.
  • Cherry:  This is another beautiful wood and naturally darkens with time to a deep rich color.  this is a great choice for natural finish.
  • Hickory:  This is an extremely colorful wood, has a nice blend of blond tones and ebony tones throughout and looks incredible when finished with a clear coat.  This wood is extremely hard and when placed into a kitchen will leave a nice rustic appearance.
  • Alder:  This wood has a consistent creamy color throughout and sparsely spaced knots.  This wood possesses a mild grain pattern and when finished off natural it will yield a very nice amber color. 
  • white and red Oak:  Excellent choice when a stain application is desired.  This wood is very hard, not as hard as maple or hickory though.  This wood yields very consistent color and strong grain patterns when it is finished with a stain mixture.
  • Beech:  Excellent choice when a stain application is desired.  This wood is much like the oak except the grain pattern is not nearly as distinguished, but rather the grain is more mild and much less pronounced then Oak.
  • Maple:  This wood can be very hard but not as hard as Hickory.  Maple is a very "blonde" or light colored wood.  Maple looks very nice when finished natural.  Maple is very nice when it is utilized in the same project with another contrasting wood such as walnut/mahogany or Jabota.  Maple can look nice with a stained finish but it can tend to be stubborn when taking stains.  With an experienced finishing technician Maple can take on a very nice appearance after being stained. 
  • Ash:  A very nice wood that is very light in color and like maple also looks very nice when utilized in the same project as another contrasting wood tone such as Walnut. 

Some other options that would cost more includes:

  • Mesquite:  This is a very nice choice but cost a little more per bf.  Mesquite possesses a lot of natural color variations and would make for a very nice looking kitchen cabinet. 
  • Jabota:  Sometimes referred to as Brazilian Cherry, it is native to south America and has very dark and rich colors, simply an amazing wood species and finishes out very nice natural with no stain application nessessary. 
  • Mahogany:  Also a nice dark and rich naturally colored wood. This wood offers a dark color with red hues and finishes out very nice in the natural.

8. Can you refinish a piece of furniture I own?

Yes, we can redo a finish that has worn or is in need of repair. Look under the 'Services' tab for more information regarding refinishing furniture. Pricing will vary from project to project. Call or email us for more details. Our phone number is 210-274-8185 and email is jerrynettrour@gmail.com.

9. Can you build a replica of another piece, possibly from another era?

Yes, we can build just about anything and replicate most any design in regards to furniture and cabinetry. If we are unable to produce the replica we will communicate that with you and advice of the reasons why. For further information just contact us.

10. Do you offer counter top options?

Yes we do, we offer granite counter tops. We can also offer a formica counter top that replicates a granite stone which is a more affordable option.

If you are looking for a Corpus Christi custom cabinet builder and cabinet installer then please call 210-274-8185 or complete our online request form.