Design Assistance


I love to provide "A - Z" assistance with building beautiful kitchens and the design process. Kitchens are my passion and I love to do this work. Designing the kitchen is obviously in the very beginning stages of the project. I find it very exciting to be able to visualize an absolutely stunning kitchen in my mind, then be able to see the vision come to life from design right through installation.

The design to the right is the exact set of drawings connected with the "Walnut Kitchen 2011." To provide you with a visual of how the design portion of the project depicts the final outcome feel free to look at "Walnut Kitchen 2011" under the "Kitchen Cabinets" tab.

Let me say that my customers design their own kitchen while I am prepared to provide suggestions as they are requested or needed. I utilize the design that is provided by my customer or the design we worked on together, then I input this design into my computer program which assist in the visualization of how things will look and how things might work together. I am then able to provide 3D renditions and make any further suggestions regarding any issues that might become apparent as I draw the design into my program. 

Picking out appliances during the design stage is a good idea. The appliances do not have to be fully picked out and/or purchased during the bidding/design process but certainly the appliances would need to be added and updated into the design before cutting begins. This is to ensure all appliance rough in dimensions are properly followed to ensure all appliances fit nicely.   

The design/drawings then become the foundation to the entire kitchen process with regards to the custom cabinetry and 'built in' appliance package the customer chooses. These drawings provide the foundation for the bid and also for the building process right through the end of the project. 

If you are looking for a Corpus Christi custom cabinet builder and cabinet installer then please call 210-739-0646 or complete our online request form.

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