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Article 12

Choosing Your San Antonio Drawers

San Antonio Drawers are a key component in a storage spaces of virtually any size. While some spaces truly do not allow a drawer to function well, most closet and storage spaces can accommodate them. Let’s review a few keys to a good drawer and its uses.

Drawers in custom closets and other storage spaces, such as home office and craft centers, need a few clearly defined specs:

  • What will they be used to store?
  • How wide and deep will the stored items be?
  • What material will they be made out of? (highly impacts the cost)
  • How much will they be used? This determines they type of glide.

What will they be used to store?
Most drawers in closets are for dressing purposes. Socks, shorts, unmentionables, bathing suits and the like are kept close to daily wear. Considering the weight of those items, a standard drawer of ¾” melamine or San Antonio birch dovetail drawer is more than enough to support the weight.

If there is a commercial application, such as a hair salon with frequent use products, you may ask for a box bottom that is reinforced for weight and potential spillage.

Wide and Deep
For the most part, useful drawers are at least 21″ wide on the inside which generally fits a 24″ opening. I have installed 15-16″ within an 18″ opening when the space dictates, but anything smaller than that doesn’t hold much unless it is for a specific purpose. You will rarely see a drawer in an opening wider than 30″ as the bottom will start to warp/bow out. Check your kitchen cabinets to verify – most are 16″-30″ wide for a reason!

Material Choices
Most cabinet and closet companies will make drawers out of either a matching melamine or laminated wood such as birch. In my business, I will have suppliers make the drawers of a matching color to the rest of the melamine materials with a white inside finish. We use ¾ thickness, rabbeted box bottom, 1/4″ box base and it is glued along the edge for strength.

True wood boxes, such as the birch laminate, are a nice step up in quality and finish. They typically don’t match the other materials, unless special order, but the drawer front provides the visible portion. These are custom made to fit the size needed usually along the 3″ width which is most common (12″, 15″, 18″, etc.). Birch boxes are lighter, a bit stronger due to the dovetail joinery, and provide the “real wood” look that some clients crave. They also cost quite a bit more than standard box, so if price is an issue, ask for your drawer box options.

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