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Article 11

Kitchen Design Basics – Drawer Construction and Design in San Antonio

One of the more common ways of evaluating the quality of a set of cabinets is to inspect the details of the drawer construction. It is commonly thought that drawers with dove-tailed joinery are an indicator of high-end cabinetry. While this may be one factor, it certainly should not be the sole way of judging. Listed below are some of the more common San Antonio drawer construction methods:

Baltic Birch or Apple-ply Construction

Baltic birch plywood or similar apple ply is high quality plywood with more layers (typically 9 layers for 1/2″ inch plywood) than the generic plywood typically encountered. This is one of my favorite materials due to its stable nature and strength. Joints may be nailed and glued, screwed, dove-tailed, or box jointed (a variation of the dovetail joint).

Hardwood Construction

The classic San Antonio dove-tailed joinery is most often paired with hardwood construction such as maple or poplar. Drawer bottoms may be either hardwood (most likely requiring glued panels), plywood or a manufactured product such as melamine covered MDF.

Hardwood Construction

Economy drawers are often constructed from melamine covered MDF core material. One easy way to determine if a drawer meets a bare minimum quality standard is to check the thickness of the drawer bottom. If it 1/8 inch, you may be assured that every possible corner has been cut. Opt for a minimum of 1/4″ drawer bottoms.

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Design Assistance with Top Quality Cabinets

Top Quality Cabinets love to provide assistance with building beautiful kitchens. One of our top priorities is the design process. Kitchens are my passion and I love to do this work. Designing the kitchen is obviously in the very beginning stages of the project. I find it very exciting to be able to visualize an absolutely stunning kitchen in my mind, then be able to see the vision come to life from design right through installation.

The design below is the exact set of drawings connected with the “Walnut Kitchen 2011.” To provide you with a visual of how the design portion of the project depicts the final outcome feel free to look at “Walnut Kitchen 2011” under the “Kitchen Cabinets” tab. The design / drawings then become the foundation to the entire kitchen process with regards to the custom cabinetry and ‘built in’ appliance package the customer chooses. These drawings provide the foundation for the bid and also for the building process right through the end of the project.

If you are looking for a San Antonio custom cabinet builder and cabinet installer then please call 210-739-0646 or complete our online request form.
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